Apartment Essentials You Need for Your First Apartment

It is very exciting to move into a new apartment. The excitement reaches a whole new level when it is your first apartment earned and designed all by yourself. I am certain that you must have experienced a surreal feeling that encapsulates you when you sit in your kitchen or bedroom for the first time and a realization dawns upon you that now you finally have a place of your own. It does not matter whether or not you share it with a roommate but having the first apartment is nothing short of a milestone.

All this aside, the thing about a new apartment is that writing a rent check or signing a lease or moving in your new furniture isn’t enough to make your place a home. There is a myriad of things, both big and small that you’ll need to buy to stock up your apartment and have everything you need in it.

Now, before we get to the essentials for your first apartment, let’s talk reality. Acquiring everything that you need for your apartment is an expensive undertaking, so you need a plan to execute it. So, before you hit the store or browse Amazon, you have to have a budget of how much you are planning to spend. This has to include all the related expenses that you are willing to bear. Once the budget is made, you have to stick to it. You don’t need to shop for everything right away. Samaira who did an online SEMRush review adds that there will be things that you don’t need, not now, not later. So, do not do compulsive shopping and spend your money wisely. Focus on your immediate needs. To help you plan the apartment essentials, we have come up with a checklist. Let’s take a look at it!

Apartment Essentials


Steve who offers assignment help Australia says that if you aren’t planning to eat out every single day, you are required to have good and useful kitchenware. Sadly, not much can be done here without stocking up the basic kitchenware items. You can add-on items later but there are somethings that you cannot do without. These include:

  1. Microwave or Oven Safe Utensils: A medium or large-sized dish could suffice.
  2. Baking Sheet: Get a medium or large-sized cookie sheet.
  3. Pans and Pots: A medium fry pan, a large pot and a small pot.
  4. Dishes: Two bowls and a couple of plates.
  5. Glasses: Regular drinking glasses, maybe a set of 6 (when guests come in), drinking glasses (wine/beer), steel glasses (for daily use).
  6. Jug: For your dining table, one should do.
  7. Flatware: A couple of spoons and forks (a set of 12 spoons and 6 forks, should be enough), a pair of knives for cutting and chopping.
  8. French press or a coffee maker: If you are a home of coffee lovers, a good coffee machine can be a good add-on.
  9. Utensils for cooking: A large spoon and a spatula.
  10. Measuring cups and spoons: A set is enough.
  11. Chopping board: Opt for any one – wood board or plastic board or a silicon board.
  12. Towels: Anything between 5-10 depends on how often you cook and wash.
  13. Oven mitts – A set will do.
  14. Drying rack for dishes if you do not have a dishwasher.
  15. Garbage can or a dust bin – Two, one for recyclable waste and one for non-recyclable waste.

You don’t have to spend too much on the kitchenware items, anything that serves the purpose and is not flimsy should do.

Things that you can buy later:

  • Oven
  • Toaster
  • Food processor
  • Instapot
  • Serving Dishes
  • Cake Pans
  • Microwave

Cleaning supplies

Agustya who offers statistics homework help says that when you have a space of your own, you have to keep it clean, at all times. Now, for this, you don’t have to invest right away in an expensive vacuum cleaner but there are a few things that are a must-have. These include:

  1. Broom and dustpan
  2. Garbage bags
  3. Microfiber cloths
  4. Bucket
  5. Paper towels
  6. Sponges
  7. Soft rags
  8. Anti-bacterial wipes
  9. Mop
  10. Bathroom cleaning spray
  11. Dish soap
  12. Rubber gloves
  13. Wood cleaner
  14. Handheld vacuum
  15. Multi-purpose spray
  16. White vinegar
  17. Hand soap
  18. Laundry detergent
  19. Baking soda
  20. Cloth pieces for dry dusting

In addition to it, there are a few things that you can invest in, but later. These include:

  • Fancy vacuum cleaner
  • microfiber sweeper
  • Furniture polish

Bedroom essentials

Suzanna who recently used the do my essay services of a top-rated online homework provider says that the only thing that she splurged in when she was decorating her apartment was a quality mattress. Sleep is important for all of us, so you must invest in something that keeps you comfortable and gives you a good night sleep. In case, you don’t have the money for a decent mattress, you can start with air or a futon mattress. In addition to this, there are other things that you’ll need, like:

  1. Pillows: Two to four for the start
  2. Sheets: A pair is enough.
  3. Lamp for the bed-side
  4. Hangers for your closet
  5. Laundry box
  6. Duvet and a duvet cover
  7. Storage essentials like the dresser, under-the-bed containers and a few plastic organizers.

Things that you can invest in later include:

  • Rugs
  • Throw pillows
  • Curtains
  • Bedside table
  • Bedframe

Bathroom necessities

Of course, you need the toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrush, perfume, body wash, shampoo and deodorant, but there are a few other things too that you would want to stock up on. These include:

  1. Bath towels – Two of them
  2. Door hooks
  3. Hand or face towels
  4. Toothbrush holder
  5. Toilet cleaner and a brush
  6. Trash can
  7. Toilet paper

You can get a plunger or a bath-mat later if required. Sam, who works with PaperDoers says that he recently invested in a good bathroom speaker since he enjoys listening to music while bathing. Though not necessary, it can be a good value-addition for music lovers.


Angelina who offers online project management courses says that furniture is the backbone for every household but here there are a lot of items that can be put off until the rosier times. So, eventually when you are ready to splurge in furniture, some of the things that you can buy include:

  • Coffee Table
  • Dining table
  • Sofa
  • TV and a TV stand
  • Artwork
  • Plants – living and non-living both
  • Décor pieces
  • Curtains
  • Rugs

So, these are a few apartment essentials that you can invest in for your first apartment. Of course, you can add things as and when you want to but it is always good to stick to the basics if your budget doesn’t allow.

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