10 Common Electrical Problems Around the Home

The way humans are prone to mistakes, electrical components can also face 10 Common Electrical Problems Around the Home error termed as a mechanical error.

Especially at homes where electrical connections are fragile as compared to the ones in factories and buildings, the rate of error is greater.

Here are ten common electrical problems you may face at your home. 

1. Overloading

Overloading is caused by using high electrically consuming machines on the same outlet. During this time, outlets are usually incapable of handling such an amount of electricity, allowing the flow of the current of this magnitude is out of their range.

Hence, the wiring is either individually burned inside and the circuit breaks, or it damages other wires as well, resulting in an entire replacement of wiring.

It is advised to use machines of high watts on different outlets to avoid overloading.

2. Less Outlets

Due to the fix position of outlets, people are more inclined towards using extension cords. It allows them to plug in their machines anywhere they want.

With this rising trend, electricians, at the time of installing outlets in a newly constructed house, do not install enough outlets. Hence, more machines are used on a single outlet.

Extension cords are really innovated, but the thing is that extension cords cannot handle a large flow of current, which most of the people do not care about.

And when, by default, there are fewer outlets, people are bound to use more extension cords. Hence, overloading occurs.

3. Tripping Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker trips when excessive current is passed through a circuit. It helps to control any damage caused to the circuit. Frequent tripping of a circuit breaker is an indication of the constant flow of excessive current.

And it happens due to plugging in high watt devices which require high current and when they draw that current, circuit overloads.

A circuit breaker is a must-have device to be installed in your home to prevent any life-threatening damage. As is it well said, “Prevention is better than cure.”


Circuit breaker finder is a device that simplifies work by finding the circuit breaker and the circuits connected to it.

4. High Electric Bills

High Electric Bills are caused by using more electrical units. People are sometimes shocked by looking at the units used at the end of the month because they believe they did not use electricity to this extent.

Those people actually didn’t use electricity to this extent. It is their ignorant attitude towards saving electricity that causes high bills. They may have forgotten to turn off switch for a device after using it.

The device draws current even if it is not in use. Or, some of the devices have broken connections; hence, they draw more current.

5. Cheap Wiring

Decisions made to save money can end up losing you more money. This phenomenon is also applicable to electricity. Installation of cheap wires to save your money leads to a whole new expense.

This experience will allow you to understand it better. A bulb turned dim, so the guy changed the bulb. The new bulb turned out to be dim as well.

The guy installed a previously dimmed bulb to another holder to check if it actually is broken or it.

He thought that the holder was broken, so he picked up his toolbox and tried to change the holder and came to know that entire wiring had been burned inside due to cheap material used. It eventually cost him more money.

6. Unbalanced Lights

Unbalanced light in different outlets means that one of your outlets is getting more electricity than others or vice versa.

An electrician will be able to resolve this issue by checking wire connections.

7. Disabled Switches

Disabled switches are just like a fake exhaust of a car. It looks very productive and useful but has no purpose at all.

Most of the disabled switches can be fixed with minor electrical labor. You can definitely call an electrician to resolve the issue.

8. Frequent burning of bulbs

Bulb frequently burn by receiving more current than required. A simple analysis can tell you that the circuit has imperfect current flow.

A regular check-up can prevent this problem. This common problem can be resolved by any person.

9. Over circuited panel

The over circuited panels will be eventually overloaded due to the same panel being used by many circuits.

The panel would not be able to draw current for all the circuits, and requirements will be difficult to fulfill. This would lead to circuit breakage.

10. Internal Breakage

As discussed, cheap wiring is the main cause of internal breakage. The example used can illustrate and address the problem.

The solution is to use a quality wire. This will allow you to save money in the long run.…